Day 12: Visiting Ulm

Today we did some more exploring of Bavaria – this time, with a day trip to Ulm. Ulm is most famous for its church, the Münster, which is currently ranked as the tallest church in the world. And of course, it wouldn’t be enough to just look at a tall tower.

We have to climb it.

Unfortunately, escalators weren’t invented until the 20th century, and we were stuck with slightly more antiquated architecture. The steps up are essentially one long spiral staircase, and if feels like it gets tighter with every turn. More than that, at one point the walls went away, and we could see just how far up we were as we climbed.

The view, of course, was worth every step (all 768 of them).

Going down wasn’t really any easier, but it was made more enjoyable by Dan playing some music, namely “Survivor” by Destiny’s Child. Can you tell he’s afraid of heights?

Once we got back down, we took off for a tour of Ulm’s greatest hits. We first saw the inside of the Münster, which features a modern stain glass window dedicated to science, as well as one memorializing the Holocaust. We later saw the town hall’s astronomical clock and the world’s “most leaning hotel.” It was a pretty fun hodgepodge of notable buildings, and definitely very different from everything else we’d seen so far.

We had dinner together as a group at a pancake restaurant (which was absolutely delicious), and we were then set loose for some free time. My friends and I decided to walk down to the Danube river and stick our feet in. We had to run back in wet shoes to make it back in time, but it was definitely worth it!

We concluded both our day and our study abroad program with a farewell dinner, hosted at Augsburg’s Town Hall. I was able to squeeze in one last traditional German meal, as well as one last talk with all the German students. Afterwards, my teammates and I from the company analysis project all met up, and Johannes, Matthias, and Kiki showed us some of their favorite places in Augsburg, including an artificial beach built on top of a parking garage. Pretty cool.

I’m so glad I was able to meet so many interesting people, and have such incredible experiences. Looking back, it’s hard to believe we squeezed so much into just two weeks. But we still have one day left to run around to our heart’s content, and my friends and I have decided to hitch a train back to Munich.

Looking forward to it!

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