Nachste Halt: Munich

I had been looking forward to Saturday for a long time. Munich might be the most famous German city and my mom had told me how beautiful it is. We took a train to Munich and then walked about 15 minutes to Marienplatz, the most famous town square in Munich. There was a festival in Munich that day dedicated to the 100th anniversary of St. Mary as their patron saint. A lady gave us a city tour of Munich including new town hall, fish statue, market square, hofbrauhaus, Joseph square, and the residence. Everything we visited was beautiful but I think the glockenspiel on the new town hall was the coolest thing. After the tour, we had a few hours of free time. First, a group of us, Brad, and Sonja climbed up to the top of St. Peter’s church which was about 300 steps. It was a great view up there, we saw all of Munich. We then went to the food market to have a bratwurst for lunch. After lunch, we went souvenir shopping in Munich where I bought a rubber duck for my sister. We then walked around the University of Munich before meeting at the fish statue for dinner.

We walked a really long time to where we got dinner. It was a burger place that had trees literally growing through the restaurant. It was a very interesting design and they had very good burgers there. After having bratwurst and a burger within hours of each other, I was incredibly full. We had to sprint to make the train which really didn’t make my stomach feel too well. I fell asleep for the entire train ride and woke up in Augsburg where we took a tram back to the hotel. Day 7 was a long one, but Munich was everything that I had been expecting, and more.

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