Nachste Halt: University (again)

Presentation day has finally come. Luckily, presentations weren’t until 5:00PM so that gave us time to really perfect ours. Our group worked on ours for 2 hours until lunch. For lunch, we went to the Mensa for the second time. Our second meal here was just as good as the first time. I actually lost my free pass to the Mensa, but thankfully, Nikki had room on her tray to save me. I got a piece of salmon that tasted like it came out of a 5-star restaurant. We also had these Nutella filled doughballs which were amazing. After lunch, our group continued to work on our presentation until the meeting time at 5:00PM. The last few hours were dedicated to rehearsing the presentation so we could figure out what each of us were saying. Finally, 5:00PM came around and it was time to present. Our group got picked to go first which I considered a curse and a blessing. I thought that our presentation went very well even though I felt that I did not present as well as I could have. During the questions segment, Dr. Feick had a question that started off with just “So Owen”. This was nerve-wracking, but I felt I answered his question well. I was quite impressed with the other groups that followed us, but ours was still the best.

After the presentations, a group of us went to Mr. Onion for dinner to celebrate our presentations being done. I had the “big babo” burger which I thought was going to be a beef burger but it turned out to be a chicken sandwich. This was the moment when I really wanted to get back to the U.S. just for the English menus. The highlight of the dinner was the largest and most obedient dog I think I’ve ever seen. Overall, I could not have asked for better group members. We got along so well and now I know more about carbon than I ever thought I would.

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