Neuschwanstein Castle May 16

Long hike, short tour, construction going on, 5/10 would do again. Although I am being harsh, seeing Neuschwanstein Castle in person was a sight to see. Obviously it was enormous and very expensive to build, but it was incredibly ornate on the inside. Even the bed frame in the bedroom took months to carve out of wood.

Overall I just felt bad for King Ludwig since he was so alone all the time in his castle. The biggest point I learned, especially from our tour guide, was that everything in this huge castle was built for one man. He even had a whole hall dedicated to listening music, but he would listen alone. Oddly enough, even though the castle is huge from the outside, it was not even completed. So the tour showed the only completed rooms which lasted all of 15 minutes. Sad!

This trip made me realize that I need a castle of my own. I may or may not invite people to live with me. We shall see. Maybe I can be called a king. But, my name will absolutely not be Ludwig.

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