Day 8

Today was another tiring day of transport. The allure of riding the bullet train that helped me get through the day when we went to Xi’an has dissipated. Getting up today was rough, and the eight-mile bike ride the day prior did not help this inconvenient truth. I slowly got acclimated to the day ahead with the aid of hotel coffee and the anticipation of Shanghai.

Unlike the first time where I was energized in the morning and tired during the train ride, today I felt the opposite and managed to stay awake the entirety of the five hour, or so, train ride. I kept myself busy reading about Shanghai for the duration of the ride.

After arriving and getting situated with our final hotel we ventured under the Hunagpu river to find ourselves in the financial center of Shanghai, featuring the second tallest building in the world. The iconic buildings that I saw in my book came to life. The TV Tower that punctuates the skyline was our destination. In it we saw the Shanghai History Museum that show the metamorphosis of the city from a humble fishing village into one of the financial centers of the world.

After the museum and dinner, we were treated to a sightseeing voyage on the river. I thought Pittsburgh had a nice skyline from its numerous rivers, but that paled in comparison to what can only be described as Times Square manifested spread across a skyline, with each building illuminating with advertisements or synchronized lights. I have a feeling I am going to like this city.

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