No Sleep, No Problem May 6/7

Sleep is a word I have not heard in a while. Our first “day” of our trip was mostly spent in the air and in airports. As preparation for such an intensive journey, I did what any reasonable person would do: pull an all-nighter. So, instead of getting plenty of sleep to be ready for the layovers, I was lethargic and tired instead. At least I was able to stay up long enough during the 9-hour layover in the Newark airport to get the high score on some airport-sponsored iPad games.

The two flights we took were not bad themselves, and since I was so sleep deprived I was able to fall asleep and stay sleeping for most of the 8-hour plane ride to Munich. Unfortunately, that would have to suffice since once we got to Germany we went straight to the hotel and were given a very short amount of time to get situated before we left for our first actual day of the program.

Quaint is the way I would describe Augsburg, and definitely in a good way. The city more closely resembled that of a town with its stone streets, antique yet modern looking pastel buildings, and extremely clean pathways.

The city tour we went on was great as well. As we slowly trekked into the heart of Augsburg, Dr. Feick would explain the historical significance of our surroundings. It was a great way to combine past and present and put everything into perspective. This was especially useful when we went to the Fuggeri and had a tour guide as well as a very ambitious stray cat give us a tour.

The positive vibe, the kind people, and the excitement I felt just taking the street car has shown me that I am in for a great 2 weeks – and I can’t wait to get started. (I also need more storage on my phone if I am going to keep taking pictures).

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