Day 12: Happy Travels

Today was kind of sad because it is our last full day in China, but I am excited to return home and share all of the things I did here with my family and friends!! This morning, we went to Yu Garden and it was so serene and peaceful. It was really green and “zen”. There were ponds with fishes and baby turtles and so many beautiful green trees. Everything was picture worthy. Athena and I definitely got some really cute pictures here!! I haven’t talked about my final group project yet so I am going explain that on this blog post since our final presentation was tonight!

After getting selected for Plus3China, all of the students were split up into groups and our job was to put together a company that we can create based off in China and then we had to present it. My group created a customized tour company! As travel enthusiasts, planning the perfect itinerary is difficult and takes a lot of time. Everyone has different interests and finding local attractions at the destination can be hard when you’re a foreigner (especially when you don’t speak the language). That’s where our company Happy Travels comes into place. Happy Travels allows tourists to customize their travel itinerary in their specified destination in order to optimize their time in the foreign country. Through a survey that utilizes different key words, distance from place of stay, and duration of trip, the algorithm is able to generate many viable itineraries that the user will enjoy. With a use of filters such as blocked off time to sleep, eat, or rest, activity level, and cost, we will be able to create the perfect travel plan to maximize their valuable time.

After the presentation, we had dinner with the CEO of the Asia Institute!!!! HOW COOL IS THAT?!

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