I would seriously consider this trip to Germany maybe the best two weeks of my life. The company site visits taught me so much, the cultural visits were very interesting, and spending time with German students was an unforgettable experience.

Everything we learned at each site visit was very interesting.  One of the most important concepts that I took from these companies was how critical the future is for a firm’s survival. In class, we learned all the time about how industries are uncertain and complex, but these companies made me realize how important that concept is. No matter how successful a company may be, they must invest in research and development in order to try to be as profitable as they can in the future. The future is the most important time for a company, not the present. Another interesting point that I saw at each company was how critical technology is for them. Factories are not how they used to be; every company that we visited used robots to produce their goods. I could not have realized these two points without going on this trip.

The cultural sites we went to and friends that I made are also unforgettable. Every cultural place that we went to really opened my eyes to European history and living. I will never forget the places we went on this trip. Even more importantly than the cultural sites were the friends that I made. For a short two-week trip, I felt like all of the Pitt students became so close. I am also blessed to have met all the German students. They were so kind and welcoming to us, especially everyone in the SGL group.

This trip really made me want to study abroad again soon. I am very happy that I chose Germany out of all the countries as well. A special thanks goes out to Dr. Feick, Brad, Sonja, and whoever else made this trip possible. Plus 3: Germany was a success and I would recommend it to anyone thinking about going on it in the future.

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