A Castle in the Woods | Dienstag


Today, we took the bus to Neuschwanstein Castle and hiked up the mountain for a gorgeous view. The castle was made for King Ludwig II, however most of the structure itself still remain incomplete. After a steep hike up we were given a shirt tour of the castle’s interior and saw the precise detail King Ludwig had requested in the major rooms. The carvings, artwork on the wall, and style of each room had its own personal connection to Ludwig, and I was truly marveled my by the rich design.

After our castle tour, we were led to higher up the moment to a lookout bridge which gave a stunning view of the full design. As the story goes, it looks just as Walt Disney’s castle in the Disney Studio logo. The castle was perched on the edge of a cliff and the cliff’s base stood beside a running waterway, which stretched all the way down the mountain.

Later we hiked back down the hill and were driven to the small town of Füssen. Following our lunch at Herzl am Rathaus, we had time to explore around Füssen and I found the beautiful lake the Neuschwanstein Castle waterway splashed into. The tiny town was filled with many, many people and created lively weekday atmosphere.

Our final stop of the day was a landmark church at Weißkirchen. This wonderful, rich church had hundreds of gold statues and breath-taking artwork on the walls. The church was an amazing stop, but to our disappointment the local donut shop was closed. From there, we took the bus back to Augsburg and munched on a great sandwich dinner before the day came to an end.

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