Hirschvogel | Mittwoch


After several intriguing company visits and breathtaking visits around southern Germany, the day finally came to deliver our final Company Analysis Presentation to the combined Pittsburgh and Augsburg group. With the University of Augsburg students in the middle of their semester, scheduling a meeting time to begin working on the presentation turned out to be harder than expected. As our group briefly met after the program on Monday, a majority of the content preparation was completed during our free time prior to Wednesday.

On Wednesday morning our group was up bright and early, on a day where Dr. Feick and Brad allowed us not to set alarms. Sarah, Dalind, Dan, and I made our way over to University campus, collaborated with our fellow Augsburg students, and completed the content portion of our final presentation. After, we took a short lunch break at Mensa (the University of Augsburg dining hall). I’m not sure how many times I have ushered these words, but I don’t plan on stopping: “I could eat every meal at this University dining hall”. The food, the efficient system, the price, and the overall atmosphere, culminate together and produce a college dining experience unlike anything we remember receiving from Market Central. After another unforgettable lunch, we relocated ourselves to a group study room at the library. Walking into the main floor of this library was similar to walking into the fourth floor of Hillman library: you could hear a pin drop. No matter which way I turned, every student was individually immersed in work, not even lifting their head up from the textbook.

After five incredible group presentations that evening, one of my German friends, Katarina, took Sarah and I to heavenly pizza place on campus, Il Porcino Ristorante. We talked for some time as we knew our days in Augsburg we winding down, and then headed back to the hotel until Thursday morning’s climb.

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