A Seat at the Table|Dienstag


Today began with our first company visit as we took the streetcar to the Faurecia facility. The visit of Faurecia began with a presentation from company representatives, detailing a general overview and the engineering process, and was followed by a factory tour. The Tier 1 supplier focused primarily on the finished production of interior seating and exhaust systems, but they also hosted many test centers within the facility to target efficiency and longevity of machinery improvements.

The aspect of the Faurecia visit that truly grabbed my attention was the company’s openness and willingness to answer questions, and convey worthwhile information. I am certainly no expert in company presentations; however from the handful of firms I have visited in the United States the information they relayed to our group was very vague and unengaging. Often, I would sit through the presentation of a bank or investment firm and hear the same facts and statistics I read on the website prior to arriving. However at Faurecia, and many of the other European companies, when I entered their facility the company treated me the same I they would a meaningful business partner. They were specific in disclosing information to the our group, did not evade or shy away from questions about the company’s faults and unsuccessful pursuits, and made it a point to provide a fulfilling answer. Although, this may not have appeared to be an insignificant observation on the surface, from a business lens, I definitely learned a lot about business operation and culture.

After the Faurecia visit, we took the streetcar back to Königsplatz for a Lutheran history tour in Augsburg. Our tour guide led us around the city to numerous, beautiful churches with phenomenal artwork, as she described the climate in Germany during the era of Martin Luther and The Reformation. Our day concluded with a delicious authentic German dinner at Bayerisches Haus am Dom, which followed an Italian lunch at Apasto.

I am still skeptical as to whether or not Germans have ever experienced the yellow sun.

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