Singing in the Rain |Montag


The first full day in Deutschland was again met with cold rain as we took the streetcar to the University of Augsburg. The University, a short ride away, was a small yet lively campus that was divided into two major sections separated by a beautiful stream with a footbridge. We were guided to a lecture hall in the back of the Economics Department building and were able to meet the entire group of fellow German students. After a series of short welcome speeches from the program leaders, each of us separated into our company groups and prepare for our Introductory Company Presentations. My group, the Hirschvogel Automotive Group consisted of Sarah, Dalind, and Dan (from Pittsburgh), and Katarina, Elena, and Kathrin (from Augsburg). In the hour we were allotted our group gathered the introductory information and delivered a short presentation to the remainder of the group. Then, the German students guided us to Mensa (the University of Augsburg dining hall). After choosing from the vast variety of food options offered, I ate the delicious dining hall food with my Hirschvogel group and enjoying a wonderful experience.

Following lunch, we met three German students who would soon be on an abroad exchange program studying at the University of Pittsburgh. They took us on a short “tour” of the University of Augsburg, and had organized our scavenger hunt around both the campus and downtown Augsburg. After conquering the many clues and adventures, we found the last clue had led us to a Beir Garten. We stayed at the Garten for a couple of hours and I was amazed by the thousands of different varieties the garden had on hand.

Our day concluded with a pizza dinner at Dragone and another opportunity to reenergize for the adventures to come.

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