Day 12: All the way up (May 18)

Today was maybe the earliest start we have had on the trip so far.  We met in the hotel lobby at 7:25 in the morning and headed to the train station to got to Ulm.  Once there, we got down to business immediately climbed the 768 step Muenster, a huge church in the center of Ulm.  Once we came down, we had to meet our tour guide who brought us to the town hall, the river, and through the Muenster.  A lot of the buildings close to the river were crooked and I thought that it was really interesting how they use this fact as a marketing tool to attract tourism.  Ulm is home to the most crooked hotel in the world (angle)  and the hotel is surrounded by oddly shaped buildings.  My favorite part of the trip was when we went to lunch.  We ate at a restaurant that sold only pancakes, but you could get anything you want on them.  I had a bacon and cheese pancake that was delicious.  We had a little bit of free time in Ulm and then went back to Augsburg for our goodbye dinner.  At the dinner most of the German students were there to say bye to us and we all exchanged gifts and had a great meal.  Afterward, we all hung out with the Germans and went to a party that they knew about through the University of Augsburg.

The beautiful windows of the Muenster
One of the crooked buildings in Ulm

Today was another great city tour and overall great day in Germany.  We got to learn about a historical city and walk in a building that is hundreds of years old.  It was a little sad at the end of the day as we had to say goodbye to the people that we had just met two weeks ago even though it seems like we have been here forever.  This is a good testament to how great of a trip this has been.  In just two weeks, I feel like I have had years of great experiences with some truly amazing people.  My next blog will unfourtantly be my last and will combine my free day, my journey home, and my reflection on the trip as a whole.

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