Day Dreizehn and Vierzehn: The Thirteenth and Fourteenth Days

For our free day on Friday the 19th, I went with a group of about ten students back to Munich by train. There, we were led by one of the German students, Matthias, to the famous English Garden. Matthias was a godsend, as there is no way we would have found the Garden on our own.

We weren’t sure what to expect from the famous area, but it was essentially a giant park. Once inside, we saw an artificial wave pool/river where people were surfing. Then, we made our way to the middle of the park for lunch. Just as I finished my half chicken, it began to hail and we were forced to take shelter.

From the English Garden, Matthias led us to some other spots around Munich and we concluded our day with a very difficult goodbye. Back at the B&B, we had doner for dinner.

After an early wake up on Saturday the 20th, we left the B&B and took a bus to the Munich airport. After a long flight and a layover in Toronto, we were back on US soil.

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