Day Zwölf: The Twelfth Day

Thursday, May 18th was our last day on the program. After breakfast at the B&B we boarded the train for Ulm.

Immediately upon arrival, we faced down our next challenge: Ulmer Münster, the tallest church in the world. To climb the church is to go up 768 of the tightest, most claustrophobic and nauseating of spiral steps. So obviously, we all made our way to the top.

I’ll be honest, even in my peak athletic condition the climb was a challenge. By the time I got to the top of the church I was on all fours. However, the view made up for the brief muscle soreness.

If going up the church was hard, going down was somehow harder. The view on the way up was just stair after stair, while the view on the way down was the ground hundreds of feet below. I froze up and needed some 80s rock music to continue my descent.

After the climb, a tour guide led us around the city of Ulm. We saw the Daniel River, the old fish market, and a number of “leaning” buildings.

Following our tour, we ate lunch at a local crepe shop called Pfannkuchenhaus. We all ate as much as we could, then followed our lunch with desert crepes. We had free time after lunch, but due to our meal a lot of our time was just spent sitting, watching the River.

After meeting back with the main group, we took the train to Augsburg for a goodbye dinner with the German students at Ratskeller. For the meal, I had spätzle one last time. Then our program concluded for the day and trip overall.

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