file1Today I woke up at 5:45am, which was a lot earlier than what I had expected. My alarm was set for 8am so I obviously am still feeling the effects of the jet lag. I utilized my extra time in the day by grabbing breakfast at the hotel, which was a smart move since we had another long day. At 8:40 am the students and program coordinators boarded the bus for CUFE (Central University of Finance and Economics). When we arrived I first noticed a lot of the students, especially the girls, were using umbrellas even though it was not raining. I’ve seen and heard of using umbrellas for protection from the sun but never with this many people at the same time. After  we got off the bus we made our way across campus to a lecture hall, where Dr. Kai Yao waited to present his lecture on smart phones and supply chain management. We learned a lot about the Chinese economy and e-commerce. Something that really stuck out to me is how much the Chinese people use their smartphones to pay for products. Also the magnitude of online purchases by the Chinese was very surprising. We learned that November 11th (11/11)  is a informal chinese holiday called “singles day”. On this day in 2016 there was more total revenue produced than in America on Thanksgiving, black Friday and cyber Monday combined. After the lecture we grabbed lunch with some of the Chinese students, which was very cool. Some of the American students in Greek life and I tried explaining to the Chinese students what Fraternities are. They didn’t really get it. After lunch we finished off the day at the university by seeing their athletic facilities and playing group jump rope. All in all day 2 was another great day.

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