FTK – For The Kids

file5China has yet to disappoint. Today we began the day very differently with a service trip. We visited The Children’s Village, which is a government funded school for Chinese children whose parents aren’t around either because they are in prison or because they abandoned their child. We took a tour around the village and saw where the children, who are ages 2-14, lived. The boys and girls were separated and lived in a one story building. Each building had four rooms and a common area. Bathrooms were located just outside their houses. In each house lived 16 students, who are over watched by one “mother”. There was also a dinning hall and a basketball court. After the tour we watched a video on the history of the village and then we got the opportunity to watch a small talent show that the kids put on. The younger kids sang a Chinese children’s song that melted the hearts of the audience. After the show we met the kids and played basketball with them. It was a great experience that was special for me because I always loved basketball when I was their age. We then ate lunch with them and finally had tp say our goodbyes. We finished the rest of our day at the Greater Goose Pagoda. The Greater Goose Pagoda is a huge Buddhist library that was created over a thousand years ago. There were many giant Buddha’s that we saw around the pagoda. Most of them were inside and roped off, however there was one outside: this was the “laughing Buddha”. The laughing Buddha is the happiest of them all. He is depicted as a larger man with dangling ear lobes. It is said that his stomach is filled with happiness and that rubbing it will bring good luck. At the end of our time there we also got to take a short calligraphy lesson which was a cool way to end our day before we went back to the hotel.

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