On to Xi’an

IMG_2218Today was our moving day. I woke up at 5am to pack my bags to leave Beijing for Xi’an. As I was packing I noticed I didn’t have my wallet and after searching until we had to leave, I decided to take the loss. I only lost cash so I wasn’t too upset. For the transportation to Xi’an we took a high speed train that traveled at over two hundred miles per hour. The train ride was a cool experience even though it was just six hours of traveling. We got to see a lot of Chinese rural land as we traveled more west in the country. When we arrived in Xi’an we first visited the Drum Tower, which is a tradition Chinese style tower that is full of drums that were used as a signal that Mongols were invading. The drums were beat 81 times because 9, a sacred number to the emperor’s, multiplied by itself is 81 . We also got to see the ending moments of a drum show. After we left we got dinner at a famous dumpling house where many Chinese presidents have eaten before. We ate 16 different types of dumplings along with the traditional meal starters. To finish off the day we traveled down the Muslim streets. The Muslim streets are many long roads that serve as gigantic, crowded food market. There we saw full goats that were butchered, fried crab and squid and many other really cool looking food. It was a great way to end the day but I was so full from the dumplings so the food wasn’t as appealing as It could’ve been. Hopefully we’ll go back another day to actually eat.

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