Reflection (not the Mulan Song)

I can confidently say after this trip that the two weeks I spent in China was the best time i’ve had traveling. This trip encompassed a perfect balance of education, culture and pleasure. I didn’t really know what to expect from China, however I learned a lot about the country, its economy and it’s people.


Ethical Issues in My Profession: Something that especially stuck out to me for the business profession is all of the counterfeit and fake products in the market. Besides for the outrageously priced street vendors looking to rip you off, I also saw counterfeit products in some retail stores. Trust is a major factor in perfect competition and I didn’t have trust for most vendors.


Educational Breadth as Professional Development: Being thrown into a new country, especially one as large and as alive as China, I was learning new things about the country everyday. On our first university tour we got an in depth lecture on E-commerce, which I think was the biggest thing I learned about China and its economy. I’m still surprised how prevalent it is there, however e-commerce’s popularity in China is mainly due to it’s size. I saw QR codes, which is how people pay with their phones, on every single food stand, restaurant, corner store, etc.


Lifelong Learning, Continuing Education as Professional Development: As I said before, being thrown into a foreign country as large as China had a major impact on how much I learned. There’s always a lot going on and a lot to pay attention to. Visiting China has definitely prepared me for any international trip that may be in my future. I took this course as a test drive into the world of study abroad, and although I did miss home a lot the experiences on this trip make me want to buy my next plane ticket for study abroad.


The Social Environment of Professional Life: The social environment in China wasn’t to uncommon from America’s. On our company visits we were graciously greeted with gifts and even welcome signs. There was a lot of mutual respect between the students and the people who talked to us from the different companies. We were treated very well by our hosts and it impressed me how well they spoke English in their presentations.


Functioning on Multi-Disciplinary Teams: This was a piece of cake for my group and I. Our group consisted of two business students and two engineering students. I roomed with the other boy in my group, which made communication for the project very easy. For the work we had to accomplish, we always worked together on our own assigned part. We worked together to help each other finish their work and to reach our highest potential with our project. Me and our other business student mainly worked together and the other two engineers also worked more together. Overall it was a great fun experience.






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