Last Day

Today I woke up knowing that it was my last full day in China for this trip. I wasn’t sad or happy, but rather content. I had done and seen so much in China that I felt very satisfied. I also made a lot of great friends, including our Program coordinators: William and Orange. For our last day we went to the Yu Garden, which was first built in 1559 during the Ming Dynasty. To get into the garden we had to pass an extremely populated street, filled with vendors, shoppers, hagglers and¬†tourist. Once we entered the garden we had forty five minutes to explore. There were many small houses similar to the forbidden city. There were also a lot of little koi ponds that held a lot of large and small koi fish. There were also turtles and other large fish. What stood out to me the most there was the dragons they had alongside the garden walls. They were flowing and had long whiskers. After we left the garden we were given time to shop. Today being the last day, I bought all my gifts and souvenirs to bring home. I got mostly china memorabilia. Once we returned my group went to finish our project. We worked until 3 and after we finished it we made our way to another hotel that had a conference room for us to present in. The presentation went very smoothly and I was very happy with my groups performance. However this did mark the end of trip. After we made our way to a restaurant for our farewell diner. We had our largest meal yet and it seemed to have including the best of all the food we had on the trip. We used time during diner to thank everyone and exchange small gifts. Our program coordinators got us cool scrolls that I plan to hang in my room. After diner I was very happy with myself, my group, all the students, the faculty, the coordinators, the our guides, the site visits andIMG_2207.JPG

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