Why go abroad? Why go to Dublin?


I am currently in my sophomore year in the College of Business Administration, pursuing a dual major in Supply Chain Management and Business Information Systems. I am also hoping to gain a certificate in Business Analytics. Currently, I am the Head of Social Media for the Supply Chain Management Club, the Treasurer for Delta Delta Delta sorority, and a general member of Women in Business.

I was born and raised right outside of Pittsburgh, PA. As of right now, I have been out of the country one time to visit Niagara Falls. The trip I will be attending in a few shorts weeks is the Plus3 Transfer Ireland in Dublin, Ireland. This will be my first time going to a continent other than North America, and the first time I will travel without someone from my family joining me. I chose this particular program because it allowed me to participate in a Plus3 program as a sophomore who transferred into the business school.

This program focuses on globalization through the Technology and Innovation industries, which directly correlates to my major Business Information Systems. This will allow me to gain useful knowledge outside of a classroom setting. I hope to gain knowledge not only about Ireland as a country, but about the companies we will visit and learn more about why they decided to move into Ireland and how it has positively affected their company. I also hope to network with some of the professional workers we meet while on our company visits.

I can’t wait to share multiple of my pictures and experiences that I will have while abroad!

-Emily Beran

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