Counting Down the Days to Germany…



Hi! My name is Jess Wolff and I am a freshman at the University of Pittsburgh. I am studying in the College of Business Administration at Pitt with no declared major yet however I am pursuing a minor in economics as well as a certificate in Leadership and Ethics. I grew up in a town located in central New Jersey known as Hillsborough, which is about twenty minutes outside of Princeton. I was a competitive dancer in high school and still love to dance in my spare time. I also enjoy photography, traveling and exploring new places, and spending time with friends and family.

I am excited to be traveling to Germany on the Plus3 program this May because I have always wanted to study abroad. After one year of college and living in a new area I see how much there is to learn not only in a classroom setting but also in your surroundings so I can’t wait to be able to continue this unique education in another setting. I hope to learn new information about the automobile industry and the role it plays in the global economy. Finally, I am excited to meet lots of new people and embark on new experiences!

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  1. Roy and Julie Wolff says:

    Great Blog. You certainly saw and experienced a lot in Germany.

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