Intro to Jack Sullivan

Hello! I am Jack Sullivan. I am currently a freshman engineering student at the University of Pittsburgh. I plan to major in Industrial Engineering, potentially with a focus in health care systems engineering. I am from Glenview, Illinois, which is about 30 minutes from Chicago. The White Sox are my favorite sports team but I root for every major Chicago sports team besides the Cubs. Since the Bears have not played well in recent years I have started playing fantasy football, and I started a fantasy baseball league with my friends back home this year. Besides sports I enjoy reading, traveling, and spending time with my family and friends.

This summer I will be traveling to Vietnam with Plus 3 to study development. I learn better through experiences, so I am excited to get out of the classroom and learn by experiencing life in a country vastly different than our own. I chose to study in Vietnam by talking to older students who had done Plus 3. The students I talked to had participated in other Plus 3 programs, but they spoke highly of the experiences other students had in Vietnam and they emphasized how unique the Vietnam experience was. After speaking with the older students I realized the benefits of learning about a culture vastly different than our own, and since I knew the least about Vietnam I decided I wanted to learn more about by studying there. I hope that going to Vietnam gives me knowledge of another place and culture which will make me more knowledgeable about the effect of engineering decisions I will make and of the world in general.

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