Guten Tag!

Hello everyone! My name is Alexis Zito and I am a rising sophomore engineering student at the University of Pittsburgh. I am currently majoring in Mechanical Engineering and plan to receive a  minor in Economics. I am from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and my high school, the Pittsburgh Science and Technology Academy, is actually located on the University of Pittsburgh’s main campus.

I am very excited to go to Germany as in late March I actually participated in another study abroad program where I traveled through France, England, and Ireland. While abroad I had such an amazing time trying new foods, seeing such beautiful sites, and experiencing new cultures that were such different from the American culture. Given that I have such a great time abroad I am very excited to go abroad once again very soon!

I am currently participating in the Plus3-Germany program and I chose this program because of all the great opportunities it provides for me. Not only am I getting the chance to go abroad but, as  I mentioned before I plan to be a Mechanical Engineer, and the automobile site visits that are included in this program provide me with the opportunity to see first hand what I could one day be working on in the future. Also, my father works for a Germany company, Siemens, so this program also allows me to become acclimated with the culture that I may be immersed in once I get into the working field.

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