Germany Bound

My name is Grant and I am studying Materials Science Engineering at the University of Pittsburgh. I also plan on working towards a minor in Mathematics because I’ve enjoyed all of my math classes so far. Even though they’ve forced me to put in a lot of hard work and bended my brain sometimes, it is always rewarding after solving a difficult problem.

I am from Buffalo, New York and think that people haven’t seen a really bad snowstorm until they have seen a Buffalo storm. I’m a big geek for TV shows like The Office and BBC Sherlock but I’m also very into sports, both playing and watching. I play golf a lot during the summer and I am on the club team handball team at Pitt.

I chose Plus 3 because it is a great way to get a taste of what studying abroad is like. From here, I can decide if I want to spend a full semester abroad in the future. I chose Plus 3 Germany because I am especially excited about seeing the German culture and their approach to engineering. Also, being in another country opens a door to new ideas, new foods, and new friends. I know that Plus 3 Germany will be an experience I will never forget and I can’t wait for the trip to begin!


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