My name is Anthony Jones and I am a freshman double majoring in finance and business information systems, as well as working towards a certificate in innovation and entrepreneurship at the University of Pittsburgh. I am originally from the Pittsburgh area and chose the University of Pittsburgh out of my love for the city and due to their fantastic undergraduate business program. I have always been passionate about sports and played soccer, basketball, and ran track throughout high school. Here at Pitt I participate in intramural soccer and am apart of the Finance Club and the Sports Business Administration club. In my free time I also enjoy playing piano and listening to all genres of music.

I chose Plus3 Germany because I am very interested in foreign business markets and have a love for cars and the auto industry. I also have never been to Europe and have always wanted to see and experience German culture. Through this program I hope to gain a better understanding of how a supply chain is operated and how business is conducted in foreign countries. I also want to experience German culture to the fullest and make powerful connections and friendships that I hope carry with me throughout my years at Pitt and into the business world.

Jones, Anthony

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