Ready for Germany!


Hi, my name is Alan Browning, and I am a rising sophomore engineer from Newtown, Pennsylvania. I plan to major in mechanical engineering, with a minor in computer science. I’ve chosen to major in engineering because I enjoy math and physics, and I love to understand how things work. I am not sure what type of mechanical engineer I want to be, but I am interested in aviation, automobiles, and alternative energy.  I love being active, especially when it comes to sports. I played a variety of sports growing up, including baseball and soccer throughout high school. Some of my other hobbies include hiking, kayaking, and listening to music.

Alan Browning Circa August 2016

Why Plus3?

I have been wanting to study abroad for a while now. I enjoy the prospect of trying new things and experiencing new cultures. That being said, I didn’t want to try any study abroad just yet. I chose Plus3 because it is relatively short. This is a perfect match for me because I haven’t been outside the country much, so I don’t want to jump into a full semester abroad. Having a two week program will allow me to learn about Germany, without too much of a time investment.


Germany has always been very intriguing to me. A lot of world history took place in Germany, and I want to learn about it and experience it first hand. Also, the program’s focus on the automotive industry is very fascinating to me given my interests in automobiles. I feel this trip can be a great learning experience that cater to my personal interests, while also helping me learn about my future career. I ‘m looking forward to learning about German culture, trying new foods, and getting a first hand look at a professional work environment in my field.

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