Almost Takeoff: Ireland


Dia dhuit everyone! My name is Ally Kiely and I am a rising senior at the University of Pittsburgh. I am participating in the Ireland Plus 3 Transfer program. I chose this program in order to meet more people, understand the innerworkings of economic systems abroad, and interact with various businesses. I am fairly well-traveled, having been to over 12 different. However, I have never gone abroad and toured businesses. This particular aspect of the trip peaked my interest and I view it as highly valuable to see how businesses function abroad. As I am very interested in living abroad after graduation, this will be a valuable experience. Gaining an international network will hopefully help to push me in the direction of being hired abroad.

A little bit about me: I transferred from the University of Richmond after deciding to change my major. Previously, I studied Accounting and Cognitive Science. Currently, I am a dual major with Supply Chain Management and Business Information Systems. As a transfer, I thought the Plus 3 Trip to Ireland would be a great opportunity to branch out and meet more of my peers in the business school. Beyond expanding my network, I hope to reconnect with my roots through this trip. I am nearly 75% Irish and have family in the area. In conclusion, I cannot wait to be in Ireland and am grateful for the opportunity that Pitt CBA has given me.

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