T-Minus 18 Days to Vietnam


Hello everyone! My name is Campbell Niehaus, and I am a freshman marketing major! I grew up in Northern Virginia, but I was drawn to the University of Pittsburgh because of the high-quality business school, the opportunities offered by the city, and the professional sports teams in the city among other factors. Ultimately, my goal is to secure a marketing career with a professional sports franchise, and I have spent my freshman year trying to enter the industry. I currently hold an equipment internship with Pitt Athletics, and I am the Vice President of Operations for the Sports Business Association.

I selected Vietnam as my preferred study abroad program for a few significant reasons. Throughout my childhood, I pushed myself to try new things, and I repeatedly forced myself to have to assimilate to new situations. While a great majority of my high school classmates attended in-state universities, I deviated from my comfort zone and traveled to Pittsburgh where I had zero connections. Now, in my first year, I’ve connected with countless new friends, I’ve spoken to numerous recruiters, and I feel comfortable with this dramatic shift in environments. I believe that studying in Vietnam will push me the farthest from my comfort zone. If I intend to become a successful businessman, I need to be willing to take risks and push myself to find success, and I feel like this program gives me the opportunity to do just that.

While studying abroad for the first time, I have a few aspirations that I hope I can achieve. Primarily, I am excited to get professional experience in the business environment of another country. Although I grew up in a diverse community, no hometown interactions can properly prepare an individual for interactions and culture in an entirely foreign environment. One of the numerous factors that drew me to Pitt, was the wide variety of study abroad opportunities. Now, it is my goal to travel abroad multiple times and gain experience in at least one additional continent before graduating. I feel as if most countries in Asia differ drastically from the United States in social standards, and I want to learn as much as I can about entirely new cultures. I’m optimistic that this program can give me a down-to-earth perspective of a unique country to really assist me in broadening my horizons.


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