Vạn Sự Như ý

Hello everyone! First – a little bit about myself – my name is Aubrey O’Leary, and I’m currently a freshman here at Pitt working towards a degree in both Business and Politics & Philosophy. Regarding my long-term career goals, I hope to one day found a non-profit. Personally, my friends will tell you that I have an extreme love of almost everything life offers, whether that be singing, knitting, reading, oragami, tennis (among most sports), and nearly any academic subject. So, I apologize in advance to those who will sit next to me on the plane – my friends will also tell you how annoying this endless eagerness can be.

I chose the Plus3 Vietnam program because I felt that the theme – development – fit perfectly with both of my degrees. I also thought that it was such a unique opportunity; this is a country that I would likely have never visited otherwise, let alone in its current state of growth. More generally, I chose to study abroad because, as one of seven children, I seldom had the opportunity to travel. This coming May will be my first time leaving the country, so I hope to bring back with me all of the priceless knowledge that global exposure entails. Academically, professionally, and personally, I hope to gain an awareness of the world beyond what I know, experience and connections that set me apart within the job market, and a more open mind regarding all existing lifestyles.

As a side note, one website told me that my title is a Vietnamese saying that translates to “all wishes come true,” which I though to be appropriate as I am finally able to travel in an academic setting – a lifelong aspiration of mine. Google translate, however, translated it to “great things like that.” Less touching, but it still works. Tạm biệt ngay bây giờ!

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