Hi Everyone!

My name is Leila Sosic, and I am from Bradford, PA. I am a sophomore majoring in Supply Chain Management, BIS, and HR in the College of Business Administration at Pitt. I come from a family who loves Pitt– my mom is the director of study abroad at Pitt-Bradford, and both of my sisters went to Pitt, as well! Some things I enjoy are being outside, exercising, and face masks.

I chose the Pitt Plus 3 Ireland trip because I have always wanted to visit Ireland and learn more about the culture. It was also appealing to me because it is only a two-week program, so it gives you a taste of what studying abroad is like. I am already planning my next study abroad program and I haven’t even left for this one yet! I hope to gain insight on what’s going on in the business world outside of the U.S., immerse myself in a new culture, and make new friends!


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