Đến Việt Nam!

I’m Kestrel, but you can call me Kess if that’s easier (or Lynn, or really anything other than Cass). I’m from the small central Pennsylvanian town of Winburne. I live with my Mom, and am very close to my aunt, uncle, and cousins who live down the road. I am currently studying bioengineering at Pitt, and I work as a research assistant at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in the Department of Mollusks (meaning I dig through leaf litter to find tiny snails).

When I decide to do something, I generally need at least one of two reasons. Either it is something that I would benefit professionally or academically from, or it’s something that I believe I would enjoy. Plus3 Vietnam applies to both sets of criteria. The rational half of my brain is happy knowing I’ll be earning credit and a boost to my resume. The fun half of my brain knows I will be learning more than I have ever learned in any other class in my life, and that this experience will be life-changing.  I love nothing more than learning about other viewpoints. Different people’s opinions, different takes on things I haven’t considered. In Vietnam, I am hoping to learn things I haven’t even begun to fathom, and to see new things and meet new people.

Overall I’m just really excited to go on this amazing adventure!


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