Gooood Morning, Vietnam!

Hi all! I’m Hanna Behr, a student in Pitt Business majoring in Marketing and Supply Chain Management with a certificate in Business Analytics. Like most college students, I’m still in a time of exploration regarding my future plans. As of now, I am pursuing a career in market research. Most likely, this will change by tomorrow, but hey, that’s what college is all about: finding my passions and making a future out of them.  That leads me to my next point, the main reason I’m here writing to you today.

Some ask, “Why Vietnam?” Out of all the countries I could travel to, what drew me to this specific one? Well, aside from the fact that I get to go to the other side of the world, Vietnam offers a unique opportunity no other country can offer. This country is one of the top developing in the world. Although a Communist government, it’s capitalist economy and society are changing and adjusting to the modern world. Businesses are a huge part of this drive, pushing for modern exploration and international integration. Academically, I can’t wait to see this is action, talking to the top figures in some of the most successful businesses in Vietnam. The professional experience it will provide is essential to my growth in the business field, directly applicable to any and all future careers.

While all this is my main motivation for flying thirty hours across the world, traveling to Vietnam will also play a part in developing me, pushing my limits and expanding my horizons. It will be a one-of-a-kind opportunity to create new friendships, eat strange foods, and experience an entirely new and exciting culture.

I’m out of my mind excited! My family and friends are already tired of hearing about it, but I guarantee you there will be many more months of showing pictures, talking excessively, and reflecting on such an incredible experience. Vietnam, I can’t wait. Looking forward to waking up and saying myself, “Gooooood morning, Vietnam!”

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