Step 1: Survive Finals. Step 2: Pack. Step 3: Adventure to Ireland

Hello! My name is Kyle Guinness and I am a sophomore marketing major with a certificate in entrepreneurship and a minor in political science. I am a member of Pitt’s American Marketing Association, and the sales team, as well as the Political Science Student Association. This summer I am interning in the sales department of Cintas near my hometown back in New Jersey. After graduation, I hope to spend some time in business to business sales with a large firm working towards the end goal of reaching the executive level.

I was born and raised in central Jersey (yes it is real). During middle and high school, I was fortunate to travel to countries such as Germany, England, Austria, and the Czech Republic. As someone who likes to travel and has never been Ireland, the plus3: Ireland transfer seemed like the perfect fit for me. The timing of the program is also perfect. The two week time frame allows me to get good abroad experience while still having time for a summer internship. I’m really excited to learn more about Irish culture by truly experiencing it. Specifically, I’m a bit of a politics nut and I’d love to talk with Irish citizens to hear their opinions on increasing globalization and Ireland becoming a new hub or corporate development. Academically, this can greatly help me understand the relationship of Ireland and the United States within the global economy. Professionally, I’m very excited to form relationships with individuals from another country. In business nowadays, who you know is extremely important and by expanding my network I can learn so much from experts with diverse and applicable skill sets. Overall, I cannot wait to get the ball rolling and get to Ireland!KyleGFINAL

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