Let’s Get Down to Business… to Travel to China


Hello! My name is Erin Marshall, and I am an upcoming sophomore industrial engineering student at the University of Pittsburgh. A little bit about me: I have a cat who acts more like a dog named Eddie, I have an extreme love for tacos, and my friends and family are the most important things in my life. I am a Pitt Pathfinder, so if you see my walking backwards in an obnoxiously bright stripped shirt, feel free to say hello! I absolutely love to travel and have done so a few times, including Canada, England, France, and Switzerland, so I am so excited to travel to China this summer. 

        I want to experience everything that China has to offer me. Personally, I am also excited to see the famous buildings and sites throughout China. This nation is so rich in history, and I am excited to see and to experience this first-hand. Academically, I hope to learn more about the education system in China and compare it to my own experiences in America. Professionally, I hope to learn more about the smartphone industry both from the engineering and business perspectives.

        I am particularly excited to try authentic Chinese foods, and I want to eat something from a street cart. My aunt recently traveled to China, and she showed me many pictures of all these insects on a stick you could buy to eat, and while I am nervous to eat them, I am also very excited.

I can’t wait to travel in a few days, and I know I am going to have an amazing time!

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