Across the Universe… To China


I am Jared Wehner, and I am currently a freshman student in Pitt Business at the University of Pittsburgh.  My intended majors are Finance and Business Information Systems, and I am planning on pursuing a certificate in Business Analytics.  I am from small town Johnstown Pennsylvania and have really embraced the move to the bigger city of Pittsburgh.  I have loved sports from an early age and hope to eventually pursue a career in the business of sports.

I am excited to embark on this hopefully unforgettable experience.  Ever since hearing about the Plus3 program I thought about exploring this once in a lifetime adventure.  When it comes to visiting China, I hope to be able to grow as an individual by seeing another culture and witnessing how people across the world live their daily lives.  I also hope to learn about foreign business and experience the differences between US business culture and Chinese business culture.  Finally, I hope to make connections that I would never had made otherwise, whether it fellow classmates or business professionals.

As mentioned early I come from a very small town, so exploring another side of the world, and mainly visiting three major cities in china is scary for me.  I am also nervous about the language barrier, because I have no experience with Mandarin.  I think that having this be a mainly guided trip will ease my mind.  I am excited to visit all the sites in China, but mainly the Great Wall since I have heard about it since I was a young child.  I cannot wait to embark on this journey and tell everyone about it!

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