Leaving the East Coast



Hi, I’m Madison Seeger. I am a rising sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh. My major is industrial engineering, and I plan on working towards a Supply Chain Management certificate. I am also a Pitt Pathfinder or one of the student tour guides at Pitt. Outside of school, I love reading and watching Disney movies. You can also find me exploring the city of Pittsburgh.

I am super excited to be a part of the Plus3 Program. I have never been anywhere outside of the east coast, but I dream of traveling all over Europe. I thought Plus3 would be a great start to gain international experience without being away for too long. I chose Italy specifically because I took a semester of Latin in high school. We talked a lot about Roman culture in different towns in Italy. I am curious to see how the culture there today compares. While in Italy, I will be studying the fashion supply chain. This makes the program even more perfect for me because it goes hand in hand with the career path I have chosen. As I mentioned, I hope to be able to achieve a certificate in Supply Chain Management. I am excited to see the kind of environment I could be working in one day. Overall though, I cannot wait to soak in every minute of being in another country. I want take the international experience to gain a better appreciation of the world and to be able to connect to more people.

In Italy specifically, I am eager to admire the architecture. Italy has so much history to appreciate and learn from. The United States, in comparison, is a relatively young country. I have always enjoyed history and cannot wait to see some of it in person. I am also excited to try real Italian pizza and pasta. I am a little worried I will like it a lot better and become something of a pizza snob, but my friends would tell you I already am. Hey, this girl loves her pizza. Hopefully, I will be able to enjoy all the food without putting on another round of the Freshmen 15. Wish me luck!

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