Russell’s First Plus3 post

Hi. My name is Russell Jacobs, I just completed my freshman year at the University of Pittsburgh where I  am studying civil engineering. I  have two younger brothers and am very close with them and the rest of my family. In my free time I like to hangout with my friends and play and watch sports. In my professional future I hope to be able to work on large construction projects, like bridges, that will benefit a lot of people.

I am very excited to be able to take part in the Plus3 Italy program. I decided to do the Plus3 program because I wanted to have an international experience while in college but I did not want to study abroad for a full semester. I liked the idea of being able to experience another country while not needing to spend an entire semester abroad. On this trip I hope to learn more about Italian culture and how Italian companies differ from American companies. I hope that I will be gain more knowledge and learn more about how the supply chain operates and how it is different in different places.

I am very excited to be going on this trip and can not wait to get to experience Italy but I am also a little nervous about going to a county where English is not the main language. I remember a little of the Italian I took in high school,  but I do not remember that much of it. I worry that I will not be able to communicate with locals effectively because of my inability to speak a lot of Italian. Overall I am very excited for this trip and can not wait to go.

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