China, I’m Ready!

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Hi! I am Alec Sharps, a rising sophomore in the College of Business Administration pursuing a major in Finance and Accounting, and a minor in Economics. I am involved in The Stock Trading Pitt in the role of Senior Analyst next year. I am also a member of Pitt Collegiate DECA. I am from Lutherville, Maryland, roughly 12 miles north of Baltimore. Outside of school, I enjoy baseball, golf, skiing and the TV show Hawai’i Five-O.

I chose to participate in Plus3 China because China is unlike anywhere I have ever been. I have been to Europe before, but have never been to Asia. I also do not know any Chinese, which will be a very interesting experience having to communicate in other fashions. I hope to gain a better perspective of the world as a whole in terms of culture and how the different pieces of the world function together.

I am especially excited to visit the historical sites such as the Great Wall, the Yu Garden, and the Terracotta Warriors. I have always been interested in history and China has one the richest histories of any country in the world. I am nervous about the different foods I may encounter while there because I am a fairly picky eater. But hopefully, I can get over those nerves and really appreciate the cuisine.

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