The Journey Awaits

headshot 5:2:18Hello!  I’m Colin Gasman, and I am a rising sophomore in the College of Business Administration.  I plan on majoring in either Finance or Business Information Systems and I am a member of the Sports Business Association.  I’m from Pennington, New Jersey, which is about a five and a half hour drive to Pitt.  In my free time, I enjoy playing and writing music, as well as playing tennis.

Upon accepting my admission to Pitt, I knew I made the right call.  I heard about all of the opportunities available to students, and I made sure I had to take advantage, starting by applying to the Plus3 program.  Going into the fall semester, I wasn’t 100% sure whether or not I wanted to do a semester abroad in the future, but these two weeks in China provide the perfect amount of time to gain exposure to a brand new culture and get a first glance of what being abroad is like.

When I found out I would be going to China, I was a little nervous because I have never been outside of the eastern United States and Mexico.  However, I quickly realized that this was a once in a lifetime experience; I would be able to take in a completely new part of the world and visit so many astounding cultural sites, like the Great Wall and the Terracotta Warriors.

I am beyond excited to begin learning about the smartphone industry overseas.  Smartphones have become a huge part of our lives, and it amazes me at how far the industry has come ever since the first mobile phones were released decades ago.  In a field of business that continues to grow year after year, it will be very valuable to gain relevant knowledge that I can apply in my future endeavors.

The unique experiences I will have on this trip will help both my understanding of a different side of the business world and of who I am individually and professionally.  I can’t wait to get started on this new journey!

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