Costa Rica’s Sustainability

Costa Rica’s initiatives as an outsider effects my perception of the country. It makes me believe that they are very conscious people that take pride in the environment. Costa Rica has invested a ton of money into wind and solar power. Because of this most of Costa Rica’s energy is carbon neutral. All of the energy comes from renewable resources. Along with this, Costa Rica does not allow recreational hunting. People that are caught hunting can face fines up to $3,000 or 4 months in prison. As well, they have programs in place to protect the forests and oceans. A large amounts of the forest are protected as the fall under the category of nature reserves. The country also created something called Seamounts marine management area, which is a large marine protected area. All of these programs and rules make Costa Rica come off as an extremely environmentally friendly country. The focus of our trip, coffee, doesn’t appear though when you search “Costa Rica sustainability.”

I am very excited for our trip to Costa Rica. I can’t wait to learn about the culture in Costa Rica and see how it differs from American culture. Also the people there are super friendly and I look forward to talking to the locals and learning about their everyday life.  As well, living with a host family is going to be an awesome experience because it will allow me to really learn about the culture since I will be living with native Costa Ricans. I am also very excited to learn about the business aspects of coffee. All of the site visits seem really cool and interesting. I can’t wait for my two weeks abroad.

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