¡Qué Día!

Today was an amazing way to start off the trip! In the morning I was able to talk to my host family and enjoy some delicious food. My mother made the famous Gallo pinto, and eggs. I learned that my host mother has four kids; however, only one lives in the house. The son is named Santiago and loves to l=ply Fifa and talk about soccer! I am very happy with my family! They are very kind and helpful!

The walk around Heredia was very interesting. I have been to Costa Rica once before but it was nothing like Heredia. The park of Heredia was beautiful. Talking to the locals at the park was also very interesting! I believe our group is better at Spanish than we think!

The weather today was also crazy! In the morning and early afternoon, the sun was out and we were graced with a beautiful day. We all headed to the mall to really take in the new culture. The mall was HUGE, there were so many people there; it seemed as though many young adults and family hang out at the mall for fun. Later, after our trip to the mall, the rain came down hard; in a minute the weather can change dramatically.

All in all, it was a great first day! The weather was beautiful, and the people are friendly! I am very excited for the rest of the trip!

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