A Beautiful Day in a Beautiful Country

Due to my prior visit to Costa Rica in 2017, I had a general sense of the culture and what to expect. One of the key aspects of the Tico culture which lined up with my previous experience was the overwhelming hospitality. My host family welcomed me with incredible food, plenty of compliments, and patience with my poor Spanish speaking abilities. Not only was my host family welcoming, however, the many other Costa Ricans we met along the way were also kind and patient with our American ways. Another aspect of Tico culture which was similar to my previous experience and met my expectations was the food. Large portions accompanied by great taste equaled a satisfied group of students.

While most of my expectations were met, one aspect of Costa Rica which I did not fully expect was the rain. My previous trip to Costa Rica was during a different season of weather, so when it randomly down poured on us in the afternoon I was caught off guard. With that being said, the rain was a nice refreshment after a hot and humid day. Ultimately, I could not be happier with my first day in Costa Rica.

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