Day 1

Today we explored the city of Heredia. It was a good day, I got to talk to a lot more people on the trip and everyone seems to be very nice. While exploring the city, I was able to see how friendly the local Costa Ricans are. Many people went up to kids in our group and started talking to them. Sadly I can not speak Spanish and could not partake in the festivities. Along with this the parks in the city are very nice and seem like very cool places to hang out and relax. I was not expecting this.

My expectations were met in Costa Rica. I was expecting a very laid back country where all the people are friendly and very relaxed. Our host family is also extremely friendly and has tried to help me with my Spanish. Not to mention they have an adorable dog! The food is also incredible. Everything that we have had to eat so far has been excellent, especially the pineapple. What I was expecting, was the portions to be the size that they are. They are actually huge. The weather was also very nice, minus the rain for 2ish hours. But I was expecting that since it is rainy season. All in all today was a good day.

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