Day 1: Milan

Our flight was long; my sleep was sporadic, but looking out the window as the plane landed in Milan just had me thinking about how grateful I am to be. Even though I’ve been to Italy before, I expect this trip to be like no other, and I’m very thankful that the Swanson School of Engineering has provided this opportunity to its freshman.

After landing and getting out of the airport, the one thing we all wanted to do was eat. Luckily, our itinerary included a group lunch that was near our hotel. The restaurant was called 40 Pizza e Cucina. We were served bruschetta, bread, meat, and fruit, and all of it was incredible. The only thing that would’ve made that meal better was if we had been served a pasta course because the pasta for the customers that weren’t part of our group looked absolutely delicious.

I ended up getting my pasta later in the day when we had a free dinner. 16 of us were walking down the streets of Milan using Google Maps as our guide. On the way there I got to take the picture shown below with the rainbow (which was nice to see because it’s supposed to rain the rest of the week). At the restaurant, I had gnocchi- a pasta which I’ve loved ever since my first time having it in Rome. We all had a great time at the restaurant and the servers were very accommodating to our large group. Super excited to see what food is in store for day two!


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