Coping Jet Lag With an Expresso Shot

To start my post off with some life advice: try to avoid staying up for over thirty hours straight when at all possible. The second we landed in Milan I was obviously excited, but so tired from not sleeping on the plane that I could barely keep my eyes open on the bus ride to our hotel from the airport – the first glimpse our group would be getting to see of the city.

After getting checked in and settled the entire group went to lunch a few blocks away at a small local restaurant called 40 pizza e Cucina. They served us a family style meal with crostini (my favorite course), a meat platter, grilled vegetables, and fresh fruit. The food was pretty good, but all of us were barely able to get words out we were so tired. After we finished our two hour meal the server offered us coffees, and as someone who has never liked coffee and can barely stomach drinking the sugary-barely-coffee-drinks from Dunkin’ Donuts, I still opted to ask for one cause I thought it was my only chance to stay awake for the still long day we had ahead of us. Needless to say, I took it in one big sip, and immediately regretted my choice, but what can I say… the jet lag made me do it…

After lunch we all went with Luca and Lorenzo, our two Italy ISA helpers, to a talk about safety, our itinerary, and some aspects of the Italian culture that may shock us. We also discussed how to spot/avoid pickpockets while abroad and staying safe, especially when we are out on our own.

Later in the night, most of the group decided to go to dinner, which proved to be way more of an undertaking than one may think. With almost 20 American students walking in a big clump down the streets of Milan and then trying to find a restaurant that would seat us all was a big jumbled mess, but a learning experience none the less.

I am now writing from my bed in our hotel room, feeling super clean from finally getting to take a long shower and catch up on sleep. The pictures above are actually taken from our small, yet super nice Italian balcony that I have already spent a ton of time outside on. I can’t wait for tomorrow and to go further in-depth into the program as these next two weeks go by.

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