Day 1: Milan


Is it Even Possible to Sleep on a Plane?

Nothing is more natural than sleeping in the upright position with a six year old kicking your seat every ten seconds am I right??? When we arrived in Milan at 8:30 am, it seemed like it was going to be a pretty miserable day due to lack of sleep on the airplane.  After getting our bags, we headed to the hotel and checked in, but a nap was out of the question since we needed to adjust to the new time zone.  We ate a group lunch at Cuarenta Pizza e Cucina, attended a travel orientation (at this point it was a struggle to stay awake), and then went back to the hotel to shower.


Most of us were pretty tired, but we figured we had better have dinner so that we have an easier time adjusting to the time change the next day.  A group of us ate dinner at Amami, and I enjoyed fusilloni with swordfish.  We all hung out at the restaurant before retiring to the hotel in order to get some rest for the next day.


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