Day 1: The Foundation

After a day full of traveling, we are finally here! The culture shock came right away in the airport. In the bathroom, the towels are cloth and reusable, meaning that when I put my hands under the towel dispenser, the towel comes out, I dry my hands, and it goes back in. I don’t really know what to make of that. We also ran into a McDonald’s sit down restaurant that looked classy. We also saw a line full of Mercedes Benz cars as taxis. The drive from Munich to Augsburg was very scenic full of lush farmland with a mix of solar panels.

The city of Augsburg was absolutely beautiful. It was full of 4-5 story buildings, but the streets were wide. There were more parking spots open then taken at any particular parking lot, as it seems that everyone just rides a bike or takes public transportation.

The site visits were absolutely breathtaking. One of our first site’s was at Augsburg’s town hall, where there was a huge room full of guided artwork with paintings of Roman emperors. We then visited the Augsburg cathedral full of beautiful paintings and architecture. We then visited the Fuggerei, the world’s oldest social housing complexes. The houses were created by the Fugger banking family, and they only allow catholic lower income German citizens into the houses where they are only required to pay 88 cents. The houses were individually small, but they looked pretty cool. They have individualized bells with a different shapes in order to make sure that someone walking back to their house picks the right house with their own shape.

After this, we then ate dinner where I had schnitzel, which was delicious, and we had a great conversation with Augsburg students Benedict and Makayla. I am very excited for what’s to come in the next two weeks, and I know that this will be a great learning experience!IMG_1520.jpg

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  1. Paula Larkin says:

    Liam, It is going to be an amazing adventure and thank you for taking family along with your posts

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