Planes plus Pasta

IMG_4132Ciao from Milan, Italy! Today, we finished our travels and successfully landed overseas in Milan, Italy!

After settling in to our hotel, we walked over to a local restaurant for lunch. Here, I had the most delicious pasta that I had ever tasted. It was different than pasta cooked in the US as it had a more doughy, raw taste to it. The tomato sauce & basil on top of the pasta was amazing too! I really enjoyed getting to know all of my peers over lunch. I realized that I now know every student so I was happy about that!

Then, we participated in a health & safety orientation which discussed helpful tips for staying alert and safe while abroad.

We had the rest of the evening free. Therefore, one of my friends and I mapped out a route to walk downtown. We ate gelato at a restaurant. Afterwards, we browsed around some shops including Kiko, H&M, Guess, and Tommy Hilfiger.

Overall, it was a successful and busy day. I’m excited to engage during the rest of our program and get to know everyone better!

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