First Impressions

Costa Rica has exceeded all of my expectations so far and it hasn’t even been a full 24 hours here. I expected to get off of the plane into a small airport with long customs lines, but I was happily surprised when the line for customs came and went quickly. When I met my host family they were similar to what I expected: welcoming, loving, and waiting at home with food. The house is much more modern than I had anticipated, but that was also a welcome surprise.

The city of Heredia surprised me with all of the small shops all through the city. I was expecting part of the town to have offices and businesses while the other side of the town would have older, more historic buildings. I think that Heredia is an interesting town with a growing economy, I also found the number of universities interesting in such a small area in a small country.

Today I discovered that Heredia and Costa Rica will come with many surprises whether it be the occasional bug or sudden downpour. Overall I loved my first full day in Costa Rica and I am excited to see what else this trip brings.

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